woensdag 15 januari 2020

New year, new photowall

Let's start this new year with a brand new wall. Our hallway upstairs needed a make-over for a long time. While renovating we concentrated on the rooms first, but thanks to the Photowall Sweden our hallway is now spick and span!

Photowall has a very large range of wallpapers, prints and posters, which made the choice very difficult. After scanning the website thoroughly we choose a light color to keep our hallway light and bright. The print is called Weaving Wood white and it's a very special one with different layers. From far away you can see snowy trees and close up you'll discover a world of animals.

Putting up the wallpaper was very easy thanks to the paper that was printed exactly to the size of our wall.  I'm very happy with the result and it's the perfect photo backdrop to show off my sewing projects. 

I made this Collette dress by Iris May patters in the new See You at Six canvas. 60cm of this lovely fabric was enough to make a boxy pouch and this easy dress. 

Pattern: Collette dress - Iris May patters
Fabric: Bouquet Flowers - See You at Six

3 opmerkingen:

  1. echt een mooie muur! Licht maar toch speciaal. En het kleedje is gewoonweg super. Leuke kleurtje en tof modelletje.

  2. Is het mogelijk om privé contact te krijgen?
    Ik heb een wat uitgebreide vraag.

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